March 4, 2024 / News

About OurPact

OurPact is the number one Parental Control & Family Locator app that allows parents to set screen time management rules for their children’s iOS or Android mobile devices and use safety tools to see their children’s locations and gain insight into their device usage.

In a world that is moving more and more online, safety is essential to raising children in our digital culture. OurPact’s mission is to keep your children safe online. With OurPact’s array of customizable tools, you will be able to create a family device management plan that is exactly right for your family and help your child become a responsible and safe digital citizen!

Whether you are worried about social media interactions, device usage impacting your child’s sleep and development, bullying and online predators, or eliminating digital distractions, OurPact has the right tools to keep your child safe, develop healthy screen time habits, and help your family move away from the screen and into real life.

When your child’s mobile device is paired with OurPact’s management, you will have the tools to create schedules for digital downtime, set rules for specific app usage, see your children’s locations, view screenshots of children’s real-time mobile device activities, and so much more! You can explore all the tools that OurPact has to offer with our interactive Feature Guide.

To be able to manage your child’s device with OurPact’s full range of management tools, you need to pair your child’s device using OurPact Connect- our pairing application that makes pairing and installation a quick and easy two-minute process!

Because we prioritize your family’s safety, child devices cannot be paired wirelessly by using Bluetooth. You will need to have your child’s device and a Windows 10+ or Mac computer to use OurPact Connect to pair your child’s device. OurPact Connect allows OurPact’s management to reach every level of your child’s device so that you can use all of the management tools we have. OurPact Connect will also Tamperproof your child’s mobile device so that management can’t be removed without you choosing to do so. You can view our illustrated guide to learn more about the pairing process and how to start managing your child’s device with OurPact.