April 1, 2024 / News, OurPact

Empowerment Through OurPact’s ‘View’ Feature

After arming our kids with knowledge, it’s time for some tech-assisted oversight. Enter OurPact, the digital guardian angel that helps you raise cyber-smart citizens while granting you peace of mind. OurPact’s ‘View’ feature is your window into their digital world, offering snapshots of their virtual interactions, from social media chit-chat to their latest Google queries. It’s not about “spying;” it’s about guiding them in cultivating healthy online interactions.

Plus, with View’s companion feature ‘Categories’, optical character recognition technology flags your child’s screenshots that contain concerning material with color-coded ‘flags’ for Violence, Profanity, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, and Custom Keywords, a list of words entered by you. It’s like having a cyber co-pilot, helping you help your child to steer clear of online danger zones.

Remember, in the quest to keep our kids cyber-secure, knowledge is power, conversation is key, and a robust tool like OurPact is your trusted co-pilot.