May 8, 2024 / News, OurPact

Empowering Parents with OurPact’s App Rules

OurPact’s App Rules feature is all about giving parents the power to personalize their children’s app usage in a friendly and intuitive way. With this feature, you can handpick which apps to block or allow, ensuring a more customized and positive screen time experience for your child. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and hello to a more friendly and flexible way to manage screen time!

With App Rules, you’ll have full visibility into every app downloaded on your child’s device, even those tucked away. It’s a fantastic way to begin managing your child’s screen time, offering insight into their app usage right from the start. Once you’ve gone through the list of installed apps, you can easily assign each app to one of three rules:

  • Always Allowed: These are the apps your child can access anytime, even during blocked periods.
  • Blocked by Schedule: These apps adhere to your set block schedule and screen time limits. Plus, you can customize individual Automated Block Schedules by excluding specific apps.
  • Always Blocked: These apps are permanently off-limits on your child’s device, even when it’s not under active block.

With App Rules, you’ll also get insights into individual apps. Simply tap on any app in your list to view details about its function, rating in the app store, and most importantly, the age recommendation. Plus, you’ll receive in-app notifications whenever a new app is downloaded. This empowers you to make real-time management decisions, staying up to date with your child’s device usage.

You can organize your child’s apps in your App Rules list by:

● Alphabetical order
● Age rating
● Category (e.g., Social Media, Entertainment, Educational)
● App Rule

This sorting feature makes it easy for you to navigate through and set unique management rules for each of the many apps on your child’s device.

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