June 12, 2024 / News, OurPact

OurPact’s View Feature & Categories

Today, our children are more connected than ever before. The internet, particularly social media, exposes them to a variety of content, media, and people. Keeping an eye on what they see and who they interact with can feel overwhelming. It’s also fair to say that not many teenagers would happily hand over their cell phones for their parents to scrutinize. That’s where OurPact’s View feature comes in – a handy tool designed to give parents a better understanding of how their children use their mobile devices.

Rather than granting parents full access to their children’s devices, View works differently- it sends periodic screenshots of your child’s device when they are using it. We believe this method fosters trust between parents and children while ensuring their safety. It’s a subtle way for your children to exercise their independence while you keep them safe with quiet monitoring.

When a periodic screenshot is taken, it is loaded into a fully encrypted gallery for you to see and review. The frequency of these screenshots is customizable, and View also allows you to take on-demand screenshots for a real-time peek into your child’s device usage.

After a screenshot is taken, View’s companion feature, Categories, uses OCR technology to scan the image and flag any images containing inappropriate words.  Categories has an extensive keyword list that sorts inappropriate content into five categories: Sexual Content, Profanity, Violence, Substance Abuse, and a Custom category.

*The Custom category allows you to add your own keywords to our extensive library. This is a great tool for keeping up with the constantly changing language on the Internet.

Images that have been flagged for inappropriate content will show their flag on the bottom left corner of the image preview in your gallery.  You can also choose to filter your gallery to only display flagged images. This way, you can quickly identify and review the images that require your immediate attention.

Learn more about OurPact’s features at https://ourpact.com