April 9, 2024 / News

Police Foundation Community Corner

During the Padres game last Wednesday, Police Foundation staff had the opportunity to visit with fans and discuss our K9 Crimefighters and SafetyNet: Smart Cyber Choices® programs at the Padres Community Corner. Our spin-to-win wheel included K9 stickers as prizes, featuring active serving canines at SDPD, as well as Matchbox cars modeled after police cruisers.

Community members were able to meet SDPD Detective Natalie Hone and Lyle Hope, SDPD’s first child advocacy companion canine. Child advocacy companion canines provide our most vulnerable victims of crime, children of sexual and physical abuse, with a facility canine trained to deliver therapy services such as reducing stress, fear, and anxiety during the investigative and prosecutable process. Lyle Hope is a symbol of comfort and hope for these children.

Want to learn more about the heroic dogs that serve SDPD? They include our police service dogs, narcotics detection canines, mobile odor detection canines, wellness canines, electronic detection canines, and child advocacy companion canines. Donate online to support SDPD’s key priorities and critical needs, such as our beloved police dogs.