October 17, 2011 / News

Police Take 44 Pounds of Chocolate into Custody

Talk about sweet-talking the cops! Valley View Casino & Hotel Executive Pastry Chef Daniel Sampson now has some new friends in blue. The talented chocolatier recently crafted an exact replica of a San Diego Police badge made entirely out of 44 pounds of pure chocolate. The amazing sugary sculpture was presented to San Diego Chief of Police William Lansdowne at the San Diego Police Foundation’s 11th Annual “Friends of the Badge” Luncheon.

With the encouragement of Valley View Casino & Hotel, a major sponsor of the event, Chef Daniel and his team spent a total of five days creating the solid 26-inch by 17-inch chocolate masterpiece. Chef Daniel used over 44 pounds of white couverture chocolate to create the badge and its accompanying stand. Then Chef Sammy Chatluang spent two days hand-carving the badge’s exquisite details. The chocolate was then airbrushed with aureolin yellow cocoa butter and dusted with real gold. The team used 27.5 pounds of isomalt sugar to create two accompanying logos of the San Diego Police Foundation and the Valley View Casino Center.

“Creating homemade desserts and pastries for our thousands of casino guests to enjoy is my greatest passion, but I am especially honored to have the chance to support the San Diego Police Foundation through one of my creations,” said Chef Daniel. “Plus it gave me the opportunity to really take advantage of having our very own chocolate room on property at the casino!”

The showpiece was presented during the Chief’s Circle Reception to Chief Lansdowne and other members of the San Diego Police Department by Joe Navarro, president/CEO of the San Pasqual Casino Development Group, Inc., Valley View Casino & Hotel’s development arm, and Board Member of the San Diego Police Foundation.

“As a retired police Sergeant with 24 years of service to the San Diego Police Department, the “Friends of the Badge” event is always very special to me,” said Joe Navarro. “It is our privilege to honor and thank the members of the San Diego police force. Daniel is the finest pastry chef in the country and we were glad to show off his amazing talent!”