August 11, 2023 / News, Success Stories

“Tails” of K9: Meet Lyle Hope

Lyle Hope is SDPD’s first-ever Child Advocate Companion Canine. These canines deliver therapy services that reduce stress, fear, and anxiety for our most vulnerable victims: children of sexual and physical abuse. Offering solidarity and consistency to victims and witnesses during investigations and prosecutions, Lyle Hope provides children with a safe space to communicate more openly. He helps improve child abuse case outcomes and offers a better path of healing for victims and families.

Lyle Hope was chosen for his calmness, maturity, and ability to think for himself. Working in the Child Abuse Unit, he must easily settle down for long periods of time and be confident and calm in emotional situations.

Detective Natalie Hone, Lyle Hope’s handler, was introduced to the idea of a Child Advocate Companion Canine at the 2022 Women Leaders in Law Enforcement conference – which she attended on a scholarship funded by the Women in Blue Initiative.

Lyle Hope was graciously donated through the Police Foundation by Dr. Catherine Rivier, and Drs. Julie and Robert Novak.

To learn more about Lyle Hope, check out this article from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Like police officers, police canines have diverse specialties and serve various units. The “Tails” of K9 series highlights K9 Crimefighters that serve SDPD and our community.