July 7, 2023 / News, Success Stories

“Tails” of K9: Meet Sai

Like police officers, police canines have diverse specialties and serve various units. The “Tails” of K9 series highlights K9 Crimefighters that serve SDPD and our community.

Sai is a 7-year-old red fox Labrador retriever. He has served SDPD in two roles since 2018. As an Explosive Detection Dog, Sai is specially trained to sniff out the presence of a wide variety of explosives to keep large crowds, events, and conferences safe. Sai is also one of only three K9’s in the nation that can search people carrying a mobile explosive device, classifying him as a Mobile Odor Detection Dog (MOD dog).

Sai continues to keep the citizens of San Diego safe by searching some of the most notable venues in San Diego. You may see him at Comic-Con, Padres games, and December Nights in Balboa Park.  Sai has conducted numerous protective sweeps for high-level dignitaries like the President of the United States and has located caches of weapons.